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Narrative Game

Polaris is a game about a tragic friendship between a mammoth and a firefly. For thousands of years the mammoth had been frozen in ice, but now climate change has caused it to thaw. In the midst of magical and mysterious landscapes, the mammoth befriends a tiny firefly that it rescues from a perilous situation. Together, the unlikely duo sets off to explore their new world, encountering wonders and dangers along the way. The interplay between the two characters is also reflected in the game controls. As a player you only control the firefly and can only indirectly influence the mammoth's behavior.

  • Narrative Game
  • Friendship
  • Atmospheric


Course Project, Collaboration


Concept, Programming


Unity, Cinema 4D


Concept: Paula Weibel, Jonas Wolter, Giada Rastelli
Design: Paula Weibel, Giada Rastelli
Programming: Jonas Wolter